About Lucky Star

Lucky Star, aka Donna Nicole Ashlock (DNA), is an emerging artist whose creative journey has been nothing short of a miracle doused in determination.

In the first half of my life, I dedicated myself to various roles to survive, from store backroom work to teaching and supply chain, finding purpose in each experience. It was during a period of soul-searching and spiritual healing that I aligned to my true calling in the world of art.

My artistic journey began humbly, facing barriers to access tools and education. However, with the unwavering encouragement of those around me, I continued to draw and create as I worked. Today, I proudly stand as an art professional, having been showcased and exhibited in prestigious venues such as New York, Miami, Bologna, Italy, and even participating in Metaverse Fashion Week and a virtual exhibition on Spatial.

Beyond the canvas, I find joy in cultivating and caring for exotic plants, exploring character design, and quietly sharing my life with my spouse and two feline companions. This artistic adventure is not just about the strokes on the canvas but also about the stories told and the resilience that brought me here. Join me on this creative journey where art, passion, and life intertwine.

Lucky Star 🍀⭐✨🌈

For Inquiries & Assistance

For professional inquiries or store assistance, please contact me via email or social.