In Their Own Words: Lucky Star on the Fusion of Art and AI

In the realm where art and technology converge, there exists a space where innovation meets tradition, where the human imagination dances with the capabilities of artificial intelligence. As an artist navigating this ever-evolving landscape, I feel compelled to share my perspective on the integration of AI with traditional art forms and the profound impact it has on the creative process.

Lucky star created this image of a woman from the pan-african diaspora in 2022 during the early era of AI art technology

I perceive the passage of time as an inevitable force, yet I firmly believe that our autonomy to push ideas forward remains steadfast. While the advancement of AI technology may seem absolute, the decisions we make about its impact are within our control. The reality of AI's potential to alter civilization is not merely a notion but a scientifically acknowledged concern. However, I believe there is a pathway to harnessing AI's capabilities for the betterment of humanity. By developing a balance that prioritizes environmental sustainability and global prosperity, we can create a future where AI is embraced in a meaningful way, fostering safety, purpose, and a sense of collective progress.


As a member of the Pan-African diaspora, I leverage AI to create vibrant, thought-provoking artwork that transcends boundaries and speaks to the universal human experience.

My decision to work alongside AI is rooted in a desire to make the quality and intent of fine art accessible to all. Through my colorful and thoughtful tapestries, I seek to inspire hope and foster belief in a positive future—one where art serves as a beacon of possibility and connection for generations to come.

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