A Personal Touch: How Lucky Star’s Art Connects with Collectors

Often, while immersed in the creative process, I experience a myriad of emotions washing over my soul. I enter the world of each piece with my spiritual eyes wide open, allowing the energy to guide me in shaping the direction of my work. Through meticulous post-editing and refinements, especially when reworking images, I redirect the energy that was once spent on physical limitations towards nurturing my imagination and creative spirit.

Living with chronic conditions that have challenged the alignment of my body and mind, I've discovered the miraculous gift of transcending these physical constraints. By bypassing these limitations, I'm able to celebrate each day with vibrant passion and color, for as long as my physical capacity allows. In moments of intense emotional, physical and spiritual pain, I've channeled my experiences into artworks that resonate with those around me.

However, I've come to realize that life extends beyond pain and adversity. As someone existing at the intersections of gender and ancestry, I've yearned to see more expressions of joy and hope reflected in the world. This realization sparked a personal journey within me – the recognition that I am the beacon of light I've been waiting to encounter. I aim to connect with individuals like me, seeking a sign of understanding, hope, and the belief that they too can make a difference.

My art serves as a token of this awareness and spiritual healing, inviting others to join me on this journey of connection and empowerment.

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