The Journey of an Art Piece: From Concept to Collectible

My creative journey is unique, marked by a period of what could only be described as forced dormancy. During this time, external circumstances severely limited my access to both digital and traditional art tools, challenging my ability to express and develop as an artist. Yet, it was this very period of survival that enriched my imagination, leaving me with a backlog of concepts yearning for expression now that I have shifted from merely surviving to truly living.

Each piece begins with a spark of inspiration, a raw, unfiltered burst of creativity that I liken to a concentrated pigment. This initial idea is potent, demanding not just to be diluted and shaped but to be understood and realized in its full depth and color. My process involves unraveling this concentrated inspiration, using my focus to slowly uncover the image that wishes to emerge, much like diluting a pigment to reveal the full spectrum of its beauty.

Embracing the rawness of my humanity and the spectrum of emotions I experience, I channel these into directing the intensity and mood of the artwork. This emotional authenticity serves as the backbone of my creative process, ensuring that each piece not only captures an idea but also the fervor and spirit with which it was conceived.

The decision to place a piece on the blockchain or to release it to the public is not taken lightly. It is a pivotal moment that considers the artwork's impact, its potential to inspire, and its place within the larger narrative of my body of work. Whether it becomes a digital collectible secured on the blockchain or a public piece to inspire others, each artwork embarks on its own unique journey, reflective of both my personal evolution and the evolving dialogue between artist and audience.

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