Runaway Angel

Step into the world of "Runaway Angel", a unique digital collectible tribute now available from Lucky Star. This collection combines traditional elements with modern technology, offering something special for both art lovers and tech enthusiasts. "Runaway Angel" showcases what's possible when art meets the digital age, making it an intriguing addition for anyone interested in the evolving landscape of digital artistry. 

Runaway Angels

A Digital Collection on the Ethereum Blockchain

"Runaway Angel" is a distinctive art collection, created as a digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain and available via Makersplace. This approach guarantees both the authenticity and ownership of each piece for collectors. It reflects a shift in how art is exchanged and valued in today's digital era. Thanks to Ethereum's secure platform, every artwork in this 12-piece collection is safeguarded as a one-of-a-kind digital treasure.

Designed to be Experienced in Virtual Reality

"Runaway Angel" is designed to be forward-thinking, offering a viewing experience in virtual reality (VR). This allows viewers to immerse themselves in a space where art meets digital innovation, exploring the art in a manner that goes beyond what's possible in traditional galleries. It's a chance to engage closely with each piece, breaking free from the constraints of physical space.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Recognizing the importance of mobile devices in today's lifestyle, "Runaway Angel" is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. This feature makes it easy for anyone to access and enjoy the art collection from anywhere, at any time. Whether you're commuting or relaxing at home, you can explore "Runaway Angel" with just a simple tap on your device.

Runaway Angels at Makersplace

"Runaway Angel": Echoes of the African Zodiac

Every piece in the "Runaway Angel" collection tells its own story, reflecting the depth and intrigue of its title. This series encourages viewers to delve into each artwork, fostering a sense of exploration and personal reflection, inviting you to find your own connections and interpretations within the art.

Drawing rich inspiration from the African zodiac, "Runaway Angel" is a vibrant homage to the diverse cultures and celestial wisdom of Africa. The collection intricately weaves the symbols, myths, and astrology of the African zodiac into each artwork, creating a tapestry of narratives that celebrate heritage, identity, and the mystical connection between the cosmos and the continent.

A Timely Tribute During Black History Month

Released during Black History Month, "Runaway Angel" is more than an art collection; it's a timely tribute to Lucky Star's ancestors, and the rich, diverse tapestry of Black heritage and achievements. This release period amplifies the collection's significance, offering a platform for reflection, celebration, and education on the pivotal contributions of Black individuals and cultures to the global tapestry.

Now Available at Makersplace

Through "Runaway Angel", Lucky Star offers a unique blend of art, technology, and cultural exploration. This digital collectible provides more than just an addition to your collection; it's an experience that connects different realms, honors cultural heritage, and introduces a fresh perspective on digital art. Visit Makersplace today for more information.

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