Clarion Blessings: A Spiritual Expression

In the depths of my meditation, the concept of Clarion Blessings revealed itself. I felt a defiance, a strong urge to utilize my own voice to convey the messages echoing within.

My spiritual understanding is ever-evolving, rooted in the belief that certain aspects of existence aren't meant to be fully grasped but shared for others to receive the message brought. Clarion Blessings purposefully exists in this dimension, reaching out to those who resonate with its work and the profound message it carries.

Comprising 10 intentionally numbered pieces, paying homage to the Ishango and Lebombo bones, this collection reflects my physical and metaphysical identity. The initial pieces aim to cultivate a sense of community, while the latter half holds time-sensitive properties that transcend the physical realm. For those with eyes to see, the deeper significance becomes apparent.

Thank you for taking a moment to understand and witness the essence of Clarion Blessings, a journey that is deeply personal to me.
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