Reflections on Color and Light: Artistic Insights

I approach the use of color with a deliberate intention, treating it as a pivotal tool for conveying vitality and spirituality. This choice stems from my understanding of colors as energy frequencies that impact the viewer on a profound level, potentially promoting mental wellness, calm, healing, and the stimulation of higher conscious thought processes. 

The narrative and mood of each piece are meticulously crafted through color schemes designed to evoke specific emotional responses. Whether it involves the calming effect of blues or the invigorating presence of vibrant oranges, the selection of colors in my work is never arbitrary. It is a deliberate choice aimed at fostering a deeper connection between the artwork and the viewer.

Integrating mathematical equations to produce abstract backgrounds and articulations in my work is another facet of my artistic process I wish to highlight. Unlike others who may incorporate mathematics into their art on a basis that could be seen as experimental, my approach is thoughtful and precise. I have refined my AI's neural network to seamlessly integrate specific mathematical equations into the creative process. After numerous iterations, I have come to recognize the bigger picture and patterns that emerge, allowing me to select particular equations that abstract my background in exactly the way I envision. Utilizing AI in this manner is akin to employing a robotic arm, assisting me in actualizing my artistic vision with precision and intention.

My art aims to inspire hope, provoke thought, encourage healing, and elevate social consciousness. Through my strategic use of color, light, and mathematical principles, I strive to create works that are not just visually appealing but also rich with meaning and purpose. In doing so, I not only push the boundaries of AI art but also reinforce its potential as a medium for profound, positive change in the world.

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