Collecting the Future: The Value of Lucky Star's Digital Art

In this blog post, I will provide insights into the growing trend of collecting digital collectibles, art and how my work represents a valuable addition to modern collections.


A Historical Perspective

My works were created during a pivotal moment in AI technology, characterized by significant manual intervention to achieve a specific look or aesthetic and ensure images executed as intended. This period was marked by the understanding that current AI technology often perpetuates negative stereotypes, particularly in its depiction of people of the Pan-African diaspora. Despite these challenges, I have endeavored to imbue my work with authenticity, reflecting my lived experiences and truth amidst a landscape of rampant misinformation.


Preserving Wisdom for Generations

By timestamping my works on the blockchain and ensuring they are fingerprinted with my direction, I am not only preserving a part of history but also offering a beacon of hope for future generations. Collecting my art becomes more than just acquiring a piece; it is a means of safeguarding wisdom and providing a vision for the future. In doing so, I hope to inspire self-discovery and ignite a sense of purpose in those who care deeply for humanity.


Guiding the Way Forward

As custodians of history and agents of change, collectors of my art play a vital role in shaping the narrative of the future. Each piece serves as a call to action—a reminder of the power of hope and the importance of guiding the next generation toward a brighter tomorrow.

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