Exploring Culture and Intersectionality: Realigning My Creative Vision

I am keeping an eye on what is happening around the world, simultaneously delving deep into the exploration of who I am in terms of my genes and my culture. The journey through my family lineage has been a healing process for my health and mind, but it is also underscoring the need for me to refocus my creative drive.

I have been feeling rather isolated. It appears that those around me are growing quieter and avoiding discussions on important matters. I cannot just look away as some others do to maintain their peace of mind. I carry a substantial sense of spiritual duty to represent something bigger than myself – the idea that treating all humans with respect should be an inherent expectation, not a subject of debate, division, or doubt.

I am a solitary individual with a dream and an unwavering commitment to achieving this dream. I desire people to possess my art in their homes for comfort and inspiration. I hope they can gaze at it and discover some positivity, maybe even utilize it as a means to concentrate on their dreams and aspirations. I have noticed a deficiency in art that genuinely portrays my culture and heritage, and I am resolute in addressing this gap.

As I persist in creating and evolving, my aspiration is to contribute to a world in which treating others humanely is the standard, where art serves as a unifying force for people of all backgrounds, and where our collective vision for a brighter future becomes a canvas painted with unity and understanding.

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