Experience the Magic: Underwater Dreams 1.0 Launches

Lucky Star is Releasing Forgotten Memories: Underwater Dreams 1.0 on Remx.xyz, a rare digital collectible that unlocks additional perks.

🌸 Discover Forgotten Memories: Underwater Dreams - my latest digital collectible work that marries timeless elegance with the transformative power of healing and emotional wellness. Developed by an artist emerging from the rich tapestry of the Pan-African diaspora, it has journeyed a long time to reach you, blending gentle imagery with the innovative permanence of blockchain technology.

🖌️ This piece is a sanctuary, crafted to offer peace and reflection in our often tumultuous world.

🌿 Forgotten Memories: Underwater Dreams 1.0: $60 - A 10/10 Limited Edition Series

🔗 Anchored on Blockchain - Ensuring these healing visions last forever

💫 By Lucky Star - Crafting spaces of tranquility and hope through art


Step into a realm where every curve and color is designed to soothe the soul.


🔗 Click here for more about my official collaboration with Remx.xyz and to claim this piece of history.

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