Legend of Sabinenya: The Journey of Rajisi


Over the past two decades, a story has been brewing in the depths of my imagination – the Legend of Sabinenya. It all began as a vivid dream in a mystical rainforest of a different dimension. What I witnessed in that dream, the spiritual acts and unique characters, inspired me to bring this fantastical tale into our own reality. The initial symbolisms came from what I triangulated to be Mesoamerica, but as I grew to understand who I was and sat with my known and unknown lineage, I was reunited with parts of myself that insisted on expressing themselves through my creative works.

The Journey:

Every morning after these dreams, I woke up and diligently recorded everything I remembered. I started crafting the story based on those vivid images and thoughts that flowed naturally. However, life threw personal challenges my way, making it tough to pursue artistic endeavors. Despite seeing other stories gain acclaim during the same period, I never lost faith in my dream of sharing the Legend of Sabinenya.

During its inception, I had little awareness of global events or religious symbols. I was a recent college graduate navigating the challenges of a recession with limited job prospects. Yet, I held a deep admiration for wolves and their familial bonds. In its original inception, this appreciation led me to envision a world where wolf-like traits took center stage in a humanoid existence, honoring now-extinct species in a reimagined context.  I returned to this thought and expanded on it with matured understanding of my identity, connection to history.


The Epic of Rajisi:

In the vast universe of the Legend of Sabinenya, the Epic of Rajisi emerges as one of several character storylines. Originally intended to support other characters, Rajisi's narrative became something more significant. His tale unfolded as if he was telling me, the writer, rather than the other way around.

Rajisi's story began in the before times of his nation, where his father, a promising young merchant, and his noble-born mother raised him. However, their world crumbled when the nation collapsed, forcing Rajisi's father to leave with the promise of returning for his family. Fate took an unexpected turn, placing Rajisi in a world unprepared for his arrival to adulthood. His journey becomes one of survival and hope, a narrative I am eager to unfold as time progresses.


Overcoming Challenges:

Life's challenges made it difficult to pursue my creative passions early on in life, but with the unwavering support of my spouse and community, I found the strength to share the Legend of Sabinenya. It's a dream that persisted through hard times, and now, with renewed determination, I am excited to bring this vision to life. Thank you for listening and being a part of this journey.

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