Hope Lives: A Thank you on Optimism

This piece was created as a thank you and celebration of my new chapter on Optimism blockchain.
I am excited to share that I am releasing a free collectible to mark my arrival on the Optimism Blockchain. This animated piece is a thank you to everyone who is supported me in the web3 space, where I have focused on creating art and content that aims to educate and inspire. It is about making blockchain meaningful and accessible, building community, and supporting each other through challenges and opportunities.
  • Start: March 22nd at 9 AM PST (12 PM EST)
  • End: March 29th at 9 AM PST (12 PM EST)
This project celebrates not just a milestone in my journey but our shared belief in the potential of blockchain to do good. Thank you for being a part of this, and here's to a hopeful, collaborative future.
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