Balance Bringers: A Homage to Ancestral Wisdom and the Power of Identity

In an age where the quest for identity and belonging becomes ever more complex, Balance Bringers emerges as a deeply personal exploration and homage to my unknown ancestors. This series is rooted in the profound desire to connect with and honor those who came before me, whose lives and legacies have been obscured by the harsh realities of history, including forced relocation, slavery, and systemic practices aimed at dismantling communities.


 The Journey of Discovery

Lucky Star created Balance Bringers to venerate her unknown ancestors and send a bigger message of individual power and empowerment to all.

 My journey to uncover my roots has been a painstaking process of gathering, cross-validating information, and piecing together the fragments of a rich, diverse heritage that spans across continents and millennia. Of the last 3000 years of my lineage, as far as I have been able to trace, reveal ancestors from a mosaic of cultures and locations - from the Punu, Hausa, Yoruba, and Amazigh nations to the lands of Sierra Leone, Kenya, Jamaica, Nicaragua, central Bahrat, Southeast China, Polynesia, Italy, and the Baltic States. This revelation stands in stark contrast to the oversimplification of my identity as 'black' within the societal framework of the United States.


 Embracing Complexity

Lucky Star created Balance Bringers to venerate her unknown ancestors and send a bigger message of individual power and empowerment to all.

For years, I was advised to downplay the complexity of my identity, under the assumption that the nuances of my heritage would be overlooked because of my dark skin. Balance Bringers is a rejection of that notion, an assertion that our individual and collective histories matter, and that understanding and embracing them can lead to healing and empowerment. It is a celebration of the diversity within each of us and a call to recognize and respect the intricate tapestries of identity that define us.


The Spiritual Aspect of Ancestral Veneration

The series is also deeply influenced by the various schools of thought surrounding the veneration of ancestors in spiritual healing and work. It comes from a place of longing for connection and a desire to heal from the pain of having a significant part of my history erased. Balance Bringers is an acknowledgment of the importance of spiritual connection with our ancestors, recognizing their guidance and wisdom as a source of strength and healing.


 A Universal Message of Empowerment

Balance Bringers transcends personal narrative to convey a universal message: that within each of us lies the power to effect change and bring about balance in the world. It serves as a reminder that we are all capable of being catalysts for positive transformation, whether in our homes, workplaces, schools, or social circles. This collection is a testament to the belief that individual actions can collectively lead to a more balanced, equitable, and compassionate world.


Conclusion: A Call to Action

Balance Bringers invites viewers to reflect on their own heritage, to embrace the complexity of their identities, and to recognize the potential within themselves to be forces for good. It is a call to action to honor our ancestors, not only by remembering them but by living in a way that reflects their wisdom and resilience. Through this series, I aim to contribute to the healing and empowerment of individuals and communities, encouraging a deeper connection with our past as we navigate the present and shape the future.

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