About the Artist

Hi there. I rarely have the space to talk about more than the bigger picture, so I am happy I can finally share more about me and my collaborative works.

I came to web 3 in 2021, originally via Reddit and the behest of my more technically inclined partner. The novelty of being able to prove ownership of work drew me into NFTs. I originally offered free editions of my photography work on Reddit to give people the NFT experience in the safest way I could imagine. Before I understood the idea of mass adoption, I was thinking about the kid version of myself that would have jumped at the opportunity if given a chance. I want people to not go through what I went through, as much as I can afford.

The public emergence of AI technology seemed to come out of nowhere for me back in Summer 2022. At first it seemed simply novel, but then I realized. It is wholly unorthodox, controversial for the times, and it is here to stay. Which completely and absolutely resonates with not only how I have lived my life until this point, but my vision of Ai Nouveau, the reincarnation of Art Nouveau. I could imagine some creators of old wholly embracing AI art if they were alive right now. I am also heavily inspired from a childhood where I was fortunate to live next to a world class art museum, and on rare occasions would view works which I hope can be felt through these collaborative works.

Originally I funded this project and all of my mints through my own pocket when I could, the same way I did my original project 108 Dreams. As I began to share the collaborative works, I received an outpouring of encouraging words, and my first collection sale from none other than Ric.eth. Keep going. When I'm exhausted from a long hard day or not feeling well, knowing I can dive into my soul and pour it into an AI work gives me so much energy. And so, I keep going.

My social identity lies at several intersections, BIPOC, Queer and more. I know it is the lens I use to view the world and it influences what is summoned into existence. I create as I feel like and let that energy flow freely. It is all directed by me at the end of the day, so it all is valid. I hope you like what you see. Your time is precious and I genuinely value that you have taken the time to find me here.

Lucky Star 🍀⭐✨🌈